Welcome to Anchor Academy

Providing Christian education to at-home learners, with the desire to "train boys and girls to love and serve Jesus Christ".

Division of School Year

Quarter 1: Sept. 7 - Nov. 5

Quarter 2: Nov. 8 - Jan. 21

Quarter 3: Jan. 24 - Apr. 8

Quarter 4: Apr. 11 - June 10

Special Days

October 11: Thanksgiving Day

November 11: Remembrance Day

February 21: Family Day

March 21 - April 1: Spring Break

April 15;18: Good Friday/Easter

May 23: Victoria Day

To the parents: How to use "SonBeams Classroom"


Each grade level contains a variety of outlines, charts, activities, and templates. Click on the "buttons" to access each item as a pdf.

In preparing each "classroom", I was motivated by the following values or guidelines:

  • Each child is unique in the way they learn; variety is essential.

  • Parents know their children the best; therefore, flexibility of activities, timeline, or resource is important. Parents are encouraged to make adaptations or resource changes as needed. Do so, however, in collaboration with me so that I can ensure that content and process skills are being met.

  • A home is a busy place; therefore, most of the outlines and assignments are addressing learning standards at a basic level with the intent of tapping into all the other "extra-curricular" activities that are already happening in the home. Therefore, please submit evidence of these additional activities as well, to complement what I have prepared.

  • There is "unhealthy stress" in which children cannot learn. Challenging learning situations must be discussed between student, parent and teacher so that adaptations can be made.


May our lives be saturated with prayer. Each child, parent, and teacher is God's unique creation; He knows what we need and provides as He knows best. "Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt His Name together". (Ps 34:3)